Marine Charts

“When we go down to the low-tideline, we enter a world that is as old as the earth itself—the primeval meeting place of the elements of earth and water, a place of compromise and conflict and eternal change……..There is also, I am convinced, a deeper fascination born of inner meaning and significance.”

From the preface of The Edge of the Sea (1955) by Rachel Carson, American marine biologist and conservationist.

A couple of years ago, a sailor friend, now retired from the sea, first suggested I might like to do something with his out of date Admiralty marine charts of the coasts of Scotland. They had an attractive quality of having been used and loved for many voyages at sea.

Through the medium of screen printing I have repurposed some of the collection to reflect the rising sea levels we face, history of place and marine biology of our coasts. I strive to see beneath the surface to celebrate the species that survive here but that face many threats imposed by human intervention and climate change. It is an ongoing enquiry.

Click on an image to see it in full. Some works are available to purchase. Please contact me if you would like to discuss buying work.

“Seriously though, it’s not often I go bananas over a piece of art that speaks so powerfully to me: fabulous concept, personal emotional resonance because of our fondness for the area – and for sailing charts and maps, and wonderfully creative execution!”

Tom Buncle, Managing Director, Yellow Railroad Ltd. International Destination Consultancy